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No sulfite

250 ML

No Additive

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Made exclusively in the spirits valley of Cognac, France

Concentrates a unique expertise for crafting premium spirits !

We selected 3 raw ingredients with intense flavours to deliver the very best of the Charentes region. 

Offered in "ready to drink"  bottles with a feminine touch, our premium cocktail is gently sparkling, flavourful and so delicious! 

We offer pure pleasure, simplicity and responsible drinking. In line with the low alcohol movement, our consumers have a balanced cocktail and can discover the versatility of cognac without having to do the mix by themselves.


Very Special Tonic

Premium tonic with Cognac spirit!

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Very Special Tonic is a sparkling drink to open your evening.
Uncap and enjoy an art de vivre
Tonic water, cognac and blackcurrant.


When tonic meets cognac

Very Special Topic

Premium ready to drink  cocktail.

Open your evening with a sparking note of elegance and simplicity.

Travel through the French spirits valley with 3 exceptional products: 

COGNAC VS: Cognac Very Special from Fine Champagne lands

TONIC: Premium Atlantic tonic from Brasserie des Gabardiers

BLACKCURRANT: additive free blackcurrant liqueur from French Spirits Valley

and an artist  

FRANCOIS FRESSINIER: Martin Lawrence Gallery, New York



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